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Dec 28, 2016

This is the final episode of 2016. It has been an amazing year. Thank you dear listener for supporting the show. In this episode the creator and host of the show, parent educator Anna Seewald shares what she calls the authentic moments of Authentic Moments. Enjoy... -the bloopers, the cuts, the edited parts, the behind the scene moments -4 major lessons she has learned through podcasting in 2016 -her 3 favorite episodes -mistakes of 2016 and much more There have been many wonderful moments, laughs and tears... Take a trip down the memory lane and listen to the wisdom of the show's guests as they answer this one particular question: "If you had to go back in time, knowing what you know about motherhood/fatherhood, parenting, what would you say to yourself as a new Mom/Dad?" The answers will give you chills. Oh, and there is the thing about inspiration. The other question Anna always asks her guests. tune in and enjoy this final episode of Authentic Moments. subscribe, share and rate! ---parenting is not easy. it's not always fun and joyful but we're in it together. Let's support one another. Let's learn and grow together. Don't leave it to a chance. it's an important job. We are shaping the future. We are raising the adults of tomorrow. If you have enjoyed this podcast during 2016, please do make sure share it with friends and family, on Facebook, on other social media platforms. It helps the show. It really does. What you can do for the show? Take a few moments to rate and review the show on iTunes. Let's spread the message of parenting from the heart. By raising our children, we are raising ourselves too. Let’s get into better parenting shape in 2017. Need parenting advice? Support? Visit to schedule a 30 min. complimentary session today and get answers to your burning parenting questions. No obligation. Need ongoing parenting support for free? Join my private Facebook group-a supportive and positive space for moms and dads who want to learn and grow. Authentic Parenting Community is a closed Facebook group run by Anna Seewald where she offers bi-weekly free phone support/Q+A sessions to the members only. Join now! Did you enjoy this episode? Subscribe to Authentic Moments Podcast on iTunes and give us a start rating. Ratings are very important. They help other people to find the show. Like Authentic Parenting-parenting from the heart on Facebook. Authentic Moments-parenting conversations with Anna Seewald is a weekly show. New episodes air every Thursday. Ready to rate and leave a brief review of the show? Fantastic! Here is a quick video tutorial. How To Rate and Review a Podcast from Your Phone: Thank you for being a loyal listener!