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Mar 31, 2022

One of the most important life skills we can teach our children is the ability to regulate their emotions-the skill of self-regulation.

How do we nurture that skill in children is through a process called co-regulation. 

Mona Delahooke, a clinical psychologist, and author of Brain-Body Parenting: How to Stop Managing...

Mar 24, 2022

In this solo episode Anna talks about the 6 critical emotional needs of children. She provides an overview with some examples to help you understand your children better; become a better decoder of their behavior, uncover their emotional needs and meet the needs with responsiveness and sensitivity. 

She goes over her 4...

Mar 17, 2022

In the aftermath of stress, adversity and trauma people often fall into survival mode and become disconnected from their true authentic self.

Dr. Thema Bryant, a president elect of the American Psychological Assosication on how we become disconnected from our self and how to reconnect to it. 

In this episode we will...

Mar 10, 2022

Do you suffer from anxiety? 

We are living through one of the most anxious periods any of us can remember. 

Dr. Jud Brewer, renowned addiction psychiatrist and neuroscientist explains how to uproot anxiety at its source, using brain-based techniques and small hacks accessible to anyone. 

He has created a step-by-step...

Mar 3, 2022

We all have a story. Your life story defines who you are. And only you can tell your own story. 

By sharing it you not only release painful feelings, make sense of what happened to you, gain a new perspective, form a new meaning, but you access a possibility of transforming your life.

Whether you share your story orally...