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Sep 12, 2023

We all have needs. Our children have needs and so do we. How can we parent in such a way that everyone's needs are seen, understood and met? Is it possible? A deep dive into the nuanced, complex world of human needs with Jen Lumanlan, host of the Your Parenting Mojo podcast. A MUST listen! 


Aug 25, 2023

Do you ever wonder what makes some people able to navigate trauma, adversity, life’s difficult situations more effectively than others? 

Are some people naturally more resilient than others or can it be learned? What is true resilience? 

How do you measure a person's resiliency? 

Can we teach our children how to be...

Aug 18, 2023

How can we help our teenagers to get more sleep, wake up on time for school and thrive? 

Journalist Lisa Lewis who has 2 teens herself, helped spark the first law in the nation requiring healthy school start times for adolescents. She has written a research-based, reader-friendly book called The Sleep-Deprived Teen:...