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Jan 25, 2018

This is our monthly special episode where I co-host the show with another colleague. 

We have 3 segments

  • Examples from Our Homes
  • What’s Up with You? Answering listener parenting questions
  • Favorite Finds

In the first segment, I tell a story about a delayed Christmas gift I had ordered for my daughter. How she reacted triggered past hurts in me and I was stuck. It is hard to parent peacefully and respond respectfully when our wounds get triggered. Parenting is an emotional job. This experience has not only enabled me to face my own unresolved issues but also it served as a catalyst for me to open up and share a painful story from my past. We often feel like as parents we need to hide our stories, our past. When we share parts of us with our children we invite them into our lives and it gives them a different perspective. After I shared my story, my daughter was touched and the connection between us just got deeper. 

Have you ever shared parts of you with your child? How did it go? How did you child respond? What did you feel? 

Laura shares a story related to their recent trip to Disney.

Key takeaways from her story are:

  • let's allow children to go through their own experiences 
  • connect to your child's inner experience and do not invalidate their fears 
  • appreciate who your child is and don't try to change her

For FULL show notes where you can see the picture of the rain boots, read about Laura, get the links and resources we have mentioned and more, CLICK HERE. 

Thanks for listening!