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Mar 1, 2017

Is your child keeping you up all night? Why does your two year old wake up screaming every night? How can you help your 10 month old to stay asleep by herself, without CIO? Why is your toddler refusing to nap? How much sleep does your child need? Is your child an early riser? Also... -room sharing for toddlers -crib vs floor how to make bedtime easy and battle free -how to do bedtime effectively with multiple kids -what's the secret to sleeping through the night -how many naps does your baby need My guest Batya Sherizen is a vibrant mother of 5 and is a sleep expert. She answers some common sleep related questions and busts some myths. She prepared a special guide for Authentic Moments listeners. To download it, please go to: Visit to schedule a 30 min. complimentary session today and get answers to your burning parenting questions. No obligation. Join my private Facebook group-a supportive and positive space for moms and dads who want to learn and grow. Authentic Parenting Community is a closed Facebook group run by Anna Seewald where she offers bi-weekly free phone support/Q+A sessions to the members only. Join now! Did you enjoy this episode? Subscribe to Authentic Moments Podcast on iTunes and give us a start rating. Ratings are very important. They help other people to find the show.…d1052399775?mt=2 Like Authentic Parenting-parenting from the heart on Facebook.…447218465563263/ Authentic Moments is a weekly show. New episodes air every Thursday. Subscribe, share and enjoy!