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Feb 2, 2017

In this one of a kind episode host, parent educator Anna Seewald does something drastic. She connects with her listeners LIVE. They all have questions for her. All questions are around the 3 p's-personal, podcasting and of course parenting. Special thanks to Antonella, Katerina, Eric, Brain, Tayyaba and Lenora for being brave, open and asking such thoughtful questions. Katerina's book, Happiest Mom on The Block: Her Facebook: Eric's Facebook group: Peaceful Parenting Community: Brain's Facebook group: Working Parents Raising Healthy Kids: His web site, Juice Plus: Anna offers a 30 min. free phone/Skype sessions. Need parenting advice? Support? Visit to schedule a 30 min. complimentary session today and get answers to your burning parenting questions. No obligation. Need ongoing parenting support for free? Join my private Facebook group-a supportive and positive space for moms and dads who want to learn and grow. Authentic Parenting Community is a closed Facebook group run by Anna Seewald where she offers bi-weekly free phone support/Q+A sessions to the members only. Join now! Did you enjoy this episode? Subscribe to Authentic Moments Podcast on iTunes and give us a start rating. Ratings are very important. They help other people to find the show.…d1052399775?mt=2 Like Authentic Parenting-parenting from the heart on Facebook.…447218465563263/ Authentic Moments-parenting conversations with Anna Seewald is a weekly show. New episodes air every Thursday. Subscribe, share and enjoy!