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Dec 28, 2017

This is the final episode of the 2017.

I don't know about you but I feel like the time is really flying by. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was recording the final episode of the 2016, which is by the way the least downloaded episode of the podcast:) In preparation for this episode I went back and listened to it. It’s a really good one. In it I compiled all of my guests wisdom, their answers to “If you had to go back in time, knowing what you know about motherhood/fatherhood, what would you say to yourself as a new mom/dad?”question.

I'm sitting today in December and recording this message I feel like I am always behind 1 or 2 months behind of the calendar year.

Okay, looking back


What did the 2017 bring for me and how it was for the podcast?



I had many amazing guests. The podcast has grown. I have grown. The number of listeners have grown. And growth is a good thing.

I have changed the cover art for the podcast and I can't be happier. In fact, I have a mug with the logo right now on my table with my tea. Makes me happy everytime I look at it.

I have started working with my sound engineer, the editor who puts this show together and provides an amazing listening experience for you. Great sound is everything.

This year, I have connected with my listeners got to know you better.

We reached a big milestone in the podcasting world-100 episodes.


I have grown in many ways too. This podcast enriches my life in a very impactful way. So thank you for being part of this wonderful community.

What I have learned:


  • Vulnerability connects people.
  • Every human being deep inside wants to be feel loved, connected and when they open up and share vulnerability beautiful things happen.
  • What I have learned about myself. I have learned that I have a genuine interest in people and when you show genuine interest in a person they show up, they share more openly, vulnerably and authentically. I learned that I ask good questions. I listen and I have a genuine interest in any human being.
  • I learned to let go of perfection and accept what is.


People ask me if I have a favorite episode. That’s a tough one because they are all special and meaningful. But if i had to choose it would be the 100th episode.

After every episode, I always feel like,”That was the best one”.

What are your favorite episodes? Let’s take a look at the stats.

Top 15 most downloaded Episodes

So, do you want to know the top 15 most downloaded episodes are?

Please go back and listen to those and don’t forget to pay attention to the episodes that didn’t make the top 15 list.

I will share a highlight or two about each episode Plus, if you are a regular listener then you probably already listened to them, if you are a new listener check them out, I guess there is a reason they are ranking high in downloads:)

  1. The Father’s day show. What I’ve Learned from Being a Dad: 10 Honest Stories, Beautiful Reflections and Powerful Insights
  2. How To Control Your Anger with Kids with Avital,aka The Parenting Junkie
  3. How To Be a More Conscious Parent by Changing The Way You Speak with Lori Petro
  4. How To Stop Yelling with Carla Naumburg, PhD
  5. Childhood Trauma: Reclaiming Your Authentic Self with Guy Macpherson, PhD
  6. The Benefits of Negative Emotions with Hunter Clarke-Fields
  7. Why Kids Misbehave (MSE)
  8. Are You Stuck in The Past? with Cynthia E. Mazzaferro
  9. What I’ve Learned About My and Other Families by Living in a Trailer for 3 Months with Aaron Schiller
  10. The Hardship of Uprooting and Establishing a Life in a New Place with Bridgett Miller
  11. Healing From Trauma Christina Louise
  12. Why You Might Be Feeling, Negative, Tired and Overwhelmed with Corrine Seeley, PhD
  13. Getting unStuck: 5 Simple steps to emotional well-being with Shira Taylor-Gura
  14. From Punishments to Gentle Parenting: Raising 6 Kids in South Africa with Lelia Schott
  15. How To Find and Maintain Happiness No Matter What with Dr. Robert Puff


What episodes have impacted me personally? I do usually take things away from every episode but there are two shows that truly made a huge difference in my life.

I would also say that please don’t judge the episode by its title. Sometimes, most often it’s hard to summarize the entire content of the interview in a few word title that is catchy, and SEO friendly:)

There is so much goodness in each episode. I usually pick one aspect of the conversation and base my title on that. So this is why browsing the collections is so helpful.


Join the community. Share your takeaways, ask questions, connect with other listeners, offer feedback, suggest a guest…Besides, I have created that group for one main reason. To provide support to moms and dads like you. I strongly believe that social and emotional support is vital for parents. I am a parent too! And I also believe no one should be denied access to quality information, and support.

I have strong values and I do not like posting for the sake of posting and inauthentically trying to”engage” my audience. I offer specific things that I think are helpful and provide most value.

Get in touch. I absolutely love hearing from you. It enriches my life. Don’t feel like I am some kind of celebrity, just because I am behind the mic, it doesn’t mean I am a special individual. I’m regular person just like you and if you want to talk to me, just do it! Email, call, FB messenger.

Parenting questions. Send me your questions. If you have parenting questions chances are other parents deal with the same issues too. I would do my best to answer.

Write a review for the show. Seriously. It really does make a difference. Why it’s so important. Because when other potential listeners, They read the reviews and base on what they read, the click play or subscribe. I don’t know about you but I am a big review reader when it comes to making online decisions or purchases or subscribing to shows.

Share with 3 people. The best way to spread the word about the show is simply word of mouth. When was the last you told someone about this podcast? Show them how to subscribe on their phone. You'd be surprised how many people have never heard of podcasts and don’t know how to listen to one. I can’t imagine my life without podcasts.

Donate to support the show. A lot goes into producing and bringing this show to every single week. I’d be honest there are days that I feel really down. It may seem so smooth and seamless but it does take a lot of time, effort, planning and work!

Finding guests, screening them, doing pre-interviews often, going back and forth to set a recording date. I do this months in advance. I always think about the podcast. In fact I have planned the entire 2018. Because I care about the show and I always have you, my listener in mind. There are monetary costs too. To name a couple, I pay monthly fee to a hosting company to host my audio files, I pay my amazing editor to provide high quality audio sound and experience for you….


Has the show been of value to you? Do you find the show helpful? Have you gained from the show? Do you want the show to remain strong and bring more excellent content to you?


Learn about my Patreon page, select your level and get awesome rewards!!!


And lastly,

Always go to my website for the show notes. What do the show notes include?

-a short description of what the episode is about

-key highlights and takeaways

-about the guest

-a picture

-some quotes

-resources and links mentioned in the episode

What is YOUR definition of authenticity?

I asked you guys to send me a voice message and share what’s your definition of authenticity.

Two people sent me their answers.

Going into the new year.

I have planned the entire year and it’s going to be great. But planning is one thing, executing the plan is another. I am hopeful that together we can. I even scheduled an interview with someone very special in August. So, I do take my podcast seriously. I care about you.

Please consider supporting the show so I can bring thi amazing free content to you.

Wishes for you.

Be present, savor life. Savor each moment and savor each other.

Play. Play more.

Stay off Facebook or Twitter. Pay attention to what matters the most. Simplify your day, your schedule...your activities and just be.

Many people set a word for the year. I have never done it but I want to do it this year. Want to join me?

Once I come up with mine I will post it in our Facebook group. Feel free to join me.

Have fun as a family. As I say increase the family fun factor.

Prioritize self care: sleep, well, eat well, go for walks, do yoga…meditation, journaling...

In the new year I do not intend on making big changes. Things will be the same. I hope you will remain a listener and come along with me on a ride. Keep an open mind, take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Send me feedback, suggestions and comments-I am always open to receive them.

And as always…

Connect to the present moment, to yourself and your children.

Much love and light to you! I love you! A big, warm hug, be well and know that you are an awesome parent, because why else would you listen to this show? People like you make a difference! We are making a difference together.

Happy New Year, my dear ones!

Happy 2018! Onward!