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Sep 21, 2017

My 9 year old daughter shares her honest impressions, observations about our recent overseas travel to Armenia. It was her first time. She was going to meet my dad, her grandpa are you ready-for the first time. It was a big, emotional trip for me as well since I was going back after long 13 years. Many mixed feelings. If you listened to my episode with Bridgett Miller The Hardship of Uprooting and Establishing a Home in a New Place  then you know what I mean. Curious what she saw and what she has to say? Here are some of the key points:

Some things she talks about

  • The long flight, jet lag, 14 hour layover
  • language barrier and how “nobody understood her” 
  • Food and more food
  • Armenian kids and their behavior and her message to Armenian parents
  • Armenian kids and screens
  • Bedtime, safety and on kids being unsupervised

When I asked her about her expectations she stated that they were exceeded:) She loved meeting my family and friends and she kept mentioning how nice people were.

She also stated that she will miss Armenia and will definitely go back very soon!

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