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May 18, 2017

One mother's journey of raising herself through her daughter's essence.
This powerful, authentic and enlightening conversation will move you.

In this episode:
-we don’t have control
-our children come to us to awaken us and “raise” us
-conscious parenting is not easy
-what Sandra brought into her parenting from her past
-what are lessons she wants her daughter to learn from her
-how doe she wants to be remembered by her daughter
-much more...

About Sandra:
After consciously leaving the corporate world in 2012 when her daughter turned one, Sandra Fazio began letting go of all she thought she needed “to do” and gave permission to the Universe to “let be” what was meant for her life.

Two years later, after enduring more challenges and anxiety in her new-found motherhood journey than she ever expected, Sandra was greatly inspired by Dr. Shefali Tsabary’s interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday on her book The Conscious Parent and knew this was the Universe’s message for Sandra to serve her life’s calling and purpose. Sandra found her daughter was “raising her” in ways she never thought possible and was about to experience her own re-birthing and metamorphosis into motherhood to meet and embrace her daughter’s essence for all she came into this life to be, serve and teach her.

Sandra is a Conscious Parent / Life Coach, Author and Founder of The Conscious Parent Blog and brings an authentic, open and honest heart to each connection in her life. Her offering is to expand and deepen the conversations around conscious parenting for all parents and parent-type figures, to raise our collective self-awareness and to make this world better for our children to live and lead and for generations to come.

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