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Dec 21, 2017

Christina Fletcher joins me for the December special episode.

She is a returning guest and you can find her first episode here.

Push The Reset Button


  • how Christina navigates her teenage daughter’s social media experience, her daughter just launched her blog
  • why setting limits is hard
  • how to get rid of fear in parenting because it does show up quite often:)
  • what to do when your own triggers get turned on
  • also, why you shouldn't over explain yourself to your child
  • knowing your why when it comes to limits can be helpful 

We also share what helps us in the moment to stay present, feel grounded and respond instead of reacting. 

In our Second Segment we answer two of your questions.

One is about a 1st grader whose teacher expressed a concern because he doesn’t finish his work on time and mom is looking for tips on getting kids to focus on finishing schoolwork? Will this pattern affect his budding independence?


Second is a question about a 5 year old boy who followed his older brother and joined a sporting activity but doesn’t like it. Mother is torn but the father has a a different attitude and view on quitting. “My husband is super upset about 'letting him quit' thinking it'll lead to him quitting everything when it gets tough...”

The question is, shall his parents allow him to quite?


In our third segment we share our Favorite Finds of the month.

Anna shares this book.

Christina shares this planner.

For full show notes with links to everything and pictures, go to