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Jul 6, 2017

This is our monthly special episode in which I co-host the show with my lovely freind and colleague, fellow parent coach Sarah MacLaughlin. 

As usual we have 3 segments.

Segment One: Examples From Our Homes

in which we both share parenting stories of struggles and success.

In our second segment-What’s Up With You we answer some listener questions.

Do you want us to answer your parenting questions in our upcoming shows?

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leave a voicemail question which we love. We will play your voicemail on air and you will be part of the show! the number to call is 732-763-2576

For today’s episode we answer 2 questions.

One is a gain a tech related issue. A mom wants to know whether it’s OK to create a fictitious birthday or use hers for her underaged daughter to use a specific app.

And the second questions is about disagreements in the parenting front, styles, discipline and team work.

We take a deep dive into a very important topic: How To Get Your Spouse On The Same Page or as we say in the show-on the same book!

Parents always ask us about this.

Take a listen and come and share your key takeaways on our private Facebook group. We love hearing from you.


In our last segment we share our favorite finds of the month: books, podcast, resources etc.

Here are the books we have been reading.

Anna's’s pick: The Body Keeps The Score

Sarah's favorite: Inherited Family Trauma 


Podcasts Anna recommended:

The New Parent

By The Book

Sarah has a great blog for parents. She also reviews parenting books on there. Check it out!


Here is the show with the author of Inherited Family Trauma: How To Break The Cycle Mark Wolynn.

Part 1. 

Part 2. 


Sarah’s web site: 


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