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Jan 26, 2017

This is our monthly special episode. Host parent educator Anna Seewald and her freind and colleague Sarah Maclaughlin answer listener questions. The questions they got this month: "Anna, question for your podcast for a friend. How do you stop a 13 year old boy from watching YouTube videos on pregnancy pros and cons? It started with some class in school that the kid missed, they talked about pregnancy so he watched a video about it at home but then it seems to have gotten out of hand. Some videos are pretty graphic. " "Hi Anna. It's Ranela. I have a question. how would you handle the fibbing? Lying about little things: lifting the toilet lid when urinating, not wiping the urine off the floor, eating something that belongs to someone else, having taken a shower, etc. " "I want to know how to handle jealousy between siblings if one is academically better than other and is appreciated by the family? " And of course...the voicemail question about handling BIG EMOTIONS. You don't want to miss. In the segment Examples from Our Homes they both share some good stories you don't want to miss. Yes, we mess up too-they say. In the segment Our Favorite Things Anna and Sarah share their favorite parenting books of the month. What are they reading and recommending? Check it out. Let us know what you think of this special episode. Connect with them on Facebook. For our monthly special episode where we answer some listener questions, we accept your questions NOW. If you have parenting questions and want us to answer them during one of our upcoming episodes, please submit your questions wither by email or by phone. We can play your voicemail question on air. How cool is that? Be a part of Authentic Moments! The number to call to leave a voicemail question is: 732-763-2576 To send by email: Anna offers a 30 min. free phone/Skype sessions. Need parenting advice? Support? Visit to schedule a 30 min. complimentary session today and get answers to your burning parenting questions. No obligation. Need ongoing parenting support for free? Join my private Facebook group-a supportive and positive space for moms and dads who want to learn and grow. Authentic Parenting Community is a closed Facebook group run by Anna Seewald where she offers bi-weekly free phone support/Q+A sessions to the members only. Join now! Did you enjoy this episode? Subscribe to Authentic Moments Podcast on iTunes and give us a start rating. Ratings are very important. They help other people to find the show.…d1052399775?mt=2 Like Authentic Parenting-parenting from the heart on Facebook.…447218465563263/ Books and resources mentioned in this episode: 1. Sarah's favorite this month: 2. Anna's favorite this month: the second book written by a Dad: An article Sarah wrote for the Huff Post: Sarah's blog: Authentic Moments-parenting conversations with Anna Seewald is a weekly show. New episodes air every Thursday. Subscribe, share and enjoy!