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Nov 30, 2017


This is our monthly special episode where I co-host the show with another colleague. For now, I have a Mystery Seat for each month and I invite passionate coaches or parent educators to host the show with me. This should be fun.

For the monthly special episodes the show has a different format.

We have 4 segments.

Examples from Our Home

What’s Up with You? Answering listener parenting questions

Favorite Finds


In the first segment I tell a story that happens very commonly in many households. My daughter one morning before going to school stated that she didn’t have shoes. How did I answer? Did I avoid power struggles successfully, was I able to listen and validate? Listen to find out. The same day I received a call from a client who said that his son woke up and said, “I do not want to go to school…”

Sound familiar?

Laura has two daughters: a 2,5 year old one and a 5 year old one. She shares a sibling rivalry story.


For this month Laura Froyen, PhD takes the mystery seat.


About My Co-host

Questions we received this month:

  1. A mom is frustrated with food related issue. She has strong triggers around wasting food. How to handle a situation where a child (3.5) asks for a specific food, is given the food, and then doesn’t eat it?
  2. A single mom who works from home has a hard time managing her time and her toddler.


Resources and links:

Laura’s website

Laura’s Facebook page

Anna’s book recommendation. Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Laura’s book recommendation: Parent Effectiveness Training

Anna also recommended a podcast-Where Should We Begin?


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