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Nov 23, 2017

Communication is big part of any relationship. When we become parents our relationship with our parenting partner gains a whole new layer of complexity. Are you a good communicator? Is your relationship a challenging one? Do you keep having the same old argument? Are you in touch with your needs? Can you communicate them safely in your relationship to get them met?


-why marriage mediation

-don’t relay on your partner to read your mind

-6 steps to effectively communicating your needs

-interdependent needs

-why you don’t want to win a fight in a marriage

-how to avoid moralistic judgments


About my guest

Max Rivers is the lead mediator at where he pioneered using mediation to save marriages instead of to assist in divorce. He has developed a six-session process to help couples learn how to use NVC, Nonviolent Communication to navigate their difficult conversations. He is available at his office in Philadelphia, or worldwide over video conferencing. He is the author of a book about his work with couples called, “Tired of Having the Same Old Argument?” available online at

Resources and links:

Max's web site


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