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Nov 16, 2017

Do you get triggered and hijacked by your emotions quite often?  

Do you ever find yourself frustrated, disappointed, insulted, angry or annoyed in your house? Does your spouse or children do things that just bother you beyond measure? Do you carry those emotions with you throughout your day? In other words do you get stuck?

Today, we will be learning a simple yet powerful 5 step self-help technique that will help you in those stuck situations.

Ready to unlock the secrets to emotional well-being?


-it’s all about taking responsibility for our own emotions

-why identifying and naming your feeling is so key, name it to tame it

-how NOT to identify yourself with your emotions, you are NOT your anger! 

-most of Shira's stuck moments involve her husband, huh? :) 


About My guest

I am speaking with  Shira Taylor Gura, the creator of the unSTUCK method. It’s a self-help technique that you can practice – anytime and anywhere ,  so you can stop being hijacked by your emotions and take better care of yourself and your relationships.

Shira is a well-being coach and the author of an award winning book by the same name, Getting UNSTUCK: five simple steps to emotional well-being.

She helps people learn how to get unSTUCK in their lives and in their relationships. She supports people in realizing how they can regain control of their emotions and their overall well-being.  Shira is a mom to 4 children, currently lives in Israel but originally from New Jersey.

She is a creative, vibrant person, a great storyteller and it turned out we have many things in common. I loved connecting with her and I hope enjoy this helpful conversation with Shira Taylor Gura.

Resources and links:

Shira’s web site

Get her book

Download the handy dandy emotions chart

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