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Aug 24, 2017

Spanking or corporal punishments break the bond between parent and child. They erode the trust. It is NNOT by inflciting pain we need to teach our children. There is a different way. You'd be surprised to learn that using physical punishments to "discipline" children is still legal in the world. In the United States 19 states still use corporal punishments in their schools and homes. 

In today’s episode I am talking to my lovely friend, gentle parenting advocate Lelia Wes Schott. She is from South African and mom of 6 children.

Lelia raised all her children with attachment parenting-a common practice in South Africa. But attachment parenting doesn’t mean gentle discipline.

Lelia also shares her story of transformation moving from corporal punishments to gentle parenting.
She also talks about the feelings that rise from transitioning from having one child to baby number two
-The ups and downs, the joy and challenges of raising a big family
-How she finds time for herself and for each of her children
-Finding support
-The reasons behind her decision to homeschool two of her kids
-What’s happening in schools
-and more

Curious how they spend a typical day in their household?

About My Guest

Lelia is a South African, grateful mother of six children; four sons and two daughters; aged 19, 17, 15, 12, 5 and 2. She is also an independent child development researcher, founder, creator and writer at the international advocacy and consulting group Synergy Gentle Parenting Resources, administrator at Gentle Parents Unite and contributor at Thought Leaders In Parenting. Lelia calls herself a messenger or friend, not an expert. Some say she is a conscious parenting coach.

A quote from the show

“Love multiplies, it doesn’t divide.”

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