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Jun 1, 2017

Why Kids Misbehave, How to Handle a Tricky Tech Issue and Ways to Deal with Nosy People


Anna’s Example from Her Home for this month is related to her daughter’s birthday party.

Takeaways from the story:

-let kids solve their own problems

-trust that they can

-let them take ownership of the situation


TIP: Keep your guest list small and you will have less overwhelm and headache.


Sarah’s story is all about kids not listening? Can you relate?

-what to do when children act unreasonable, distract themselves before bedtime

argue and not listen

Key Takeaways:

The undesired behavior usually is a sign that something is brewing inside.

Stay open, be a detective and interpret their behavior.

There is always a reason underneath their difficult, off track behavior.

Why do we catch up afterwards?


Listener Questions:

How to handle a tricky screen/tech related issue.

Is your child texting at odd hours at night? Why talking to another parent about their child’s undesired behavior might be a responsible thing


How to talk to other parents about their kids undesirable behaviors?


-why children play alone and why it’s normal

-shyness, what to do

-how to handle other people who have a lot to say about your parenting, nosy relatives particularly

-embrace your child's temperament, you don’t need to explain her behavior to others

-you don’t have to parent to please others

-stay connected to your values and listen to your inner voice.


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BOOKS we read and recommend this month:


Shame Proof Parenting

Hardwiring Happiness

Sleepless Nights and Kisses For Breakfast: Reflections on Fatherhood 

Motherhood Evolution

Powerful Beyond Measure

Sarah and Anna are authors too! Get their books.

Sarah’s book: What Not To Say

Anna’s book: 15 Keys To Effective Communication


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